Enhance your Chance of Winning through Five Baccarat Betting Systems

The betting systems are classified into two categories namely, positive progression systems and negative progression systems.

  • Positive- Here, you need to increase your wager when winning and reduce it when losing.
  • Negative- The opposite of positive, increase your wager when losing and decrease it when winning.

It does sound a bit flawed, but if used in the right way, the mentioned baccarat betting systems shall increase your odds at winning.

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Discussed below are five of such betting systems to try your luck on:

1. Martingle System-

A negative betting system, considered being one of the oldest ones, you should place a bet of same valueon winning and double it after losing.

2. Paroli System-

A positive betting system works with a constant bet right from the beginning. You keep your bets fixed even on losing and double it on winning.

3. Labouchere System-

Designed by Henry Labouchre, it is adopted to get multiple smaller wins. The bets are placed in a progressively numeric sequence (odd/even), on winning, the numbers are crossed and on losing, new numbers are added.

4. Fibonacci System

It’s a negative progression system, wherein, bets are placed in a Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,14…) on winning, you restart from beginning and on losing, move on to the next number.

5. Shift 5 System

It’s simply following the trend of bets until its pluses or minuses change.

Although, the 바카라 betting systems explained are not full-proof, people tend to take a chance on them because that’s how the gambling psychology works.

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